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[adultswim] Another Monster

   As you might have already noticed, there is no thread dedicated to ‘Another Monster’ novel on adultswim anymore.

I’m sad to report that adultswim moved their forums to a different server (I guess they were tired of paying Lithium to host the boards and moved to nodebb). Although we were promised that they would port over the old posts at least as archives, they not only have not done that, they have made almost zero progress on making the boards even navigable.

   Thanks to Gina who backed up the thread right before the move, I was able to completely restore it. Hundreds of posts, links and even black/yellow design everyone is used to.


   Read and enjoy.

   Moreover, you can leave new comments: go to the 11th page, scroll down and choose a method (anonymously, name/url or via livejournal, blogspot, etc.); press “publish”.