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Prague: The Continuity of Parks

    Volume 10, Chapter 80-81, 86 / Episode 41, 44

    Grimmer arrives in Prague and begins investigating a man by the name of Mikhail Petrov who was once the headmaster of Kinderheim 511, the institution he is trying to gather information on. Grimmer is constantly questioning Mr. Petrov about 511, but Petrov refuses to answer on any of his questions, telling him to leave him alone. Grimmer says that he is not going to leave him alone until he gets the truth from him.

    The next morning, a few men came to the hotel, Grimmer stayed at. They were claiming to have a package from Petrov, but Grimmer knew that was a lie and escaped before they broke in. Grimmer later went to his apartment, when he came to conclusion that Petrov holds a group of children under his care, after he noticed a different couple of kids, everytime he met him.

1. Mikhail Petrov

(the background, trees, fence, benches)


(the same place nowadays)


    At first he is worried that Petrov is trying to recreate the Kinderheim experiments, but then realizes that the boys here have been raised with love, not hate. As Grimmer takes the boys out to play soccer, Johan Liebert comes in dressed as his sister and shoots Petrov.
    By the time he arrives back, Petrov is on his deathbed. Before passing away, the man gives Grimmer the key to a safety deposit box where he can find an interview with Kinderheim's "monster". As the boys are sent off to different orphanages, Grimmer hands one of them the key and asks that he hold onto it until they meet again.

2. Wolfgang Grimmer and Jan Suk

    Jan Suk, a rookie detective who is investigating the murder of Petrov, places Grimmer as a suspect of interest. He visits some of the orphaned boys and one of them announces that they are actually planning to meet with Grimmer and play soccer one last time (the boy will also give him back the key). Suk tags along and meets with Grimmer, obtaining his hotel information so they can keep in contact.


(view from the Charles Bridge)



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May. 6th, 2016 03:13 am (UTC)
Awesome post! I have watched recently these Monster's episodes and I have fallen in loving with Prague. In my opion, Monster is one of the greatest anime ever, because Urasawa can catch the esssence of cities from Eastern Europe like Prague.
Jul. 1st, 2016 04:53 pm (UTC)
Re: Prague
Thank you. There are still more places to be found, so stay tuned.
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